Resources: Strategy and guidelines

Impact Report 2016-17

As the largest global collective working together to end FGM, with over 700 members, The Girl Generation has made significant advances towards galvinising and strengthening the Africa-led movement to end FGM in 2016 - 2017.

Read our 2016-2017 Impact Report to find out more.

Guidelines and strategies

Our vision is of women and girls across the African continent and beyond living healthy and empowered lives, with their fundamental human rights protected, and with opportunities to realise their potential.

Read our strategy to achieving this goal, plus our Do No Harm guidance to inform your campaigns.

Social Change Communications Training: An Evaluation

Read the evaulation of our Social Change Communications trainings in Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan and the Gambia.

End FGM Grassroots Fund: Mid Term Review

The End FGM Grassroots Fund supports organisations at the frontline. Two years into the fund, we’ve conducted an in-depth review. The review focused on relevance, effectiveness and impact, efficiency and potential sustainability.

How To Guides

We have developed seven short, simple 'How To' guides on different elements of communication for our members and other end FGM campaigners.

Emotional Wellbeing Resources

The Girl Generation's pioneering Emotional Wellbeing programme strengthens the ability of activists to practice self-care and to recognise the physcio-social impact of FGM.

You can find the complete resources from the workshop here.