Working with the diaspora

Due to migration, FGM is encountered wherever diaspora populations from affected countries have settled. Since the 1980s, diaspora organisations and individuals have been key in building the movement to end FGM.

The diaspora has focused on approaches such as advocacy for adequate service provision for women and girls affected by FGM, protection of women and girls affected by FGM, prevention programmes to safeguard girls at risk of FGM and advocacy for coordinated FGM policies.

Working with diaspora organisations and individuals, The Girl Generation provides members and partners spaces and opportunities to link up, to share experiences and learnings on campaigning against FGM.

We support diaspora members to develop their social change communication skills to reinforce their advocacy for an end to FGM in countries of original, and in host countries, and amplify their efforts.

We also relay information, messaging and good practice from the African continent to our members in the diaspora, to keep up the momentum of the movement to end FGM.