Samburu Girls Foundation

Samburu Girls Foundation (SGF) is an organisation that rescues girls who are about to, or have been forced into underage marriages, FGM and beading (symbolizing engagement).

SGF has rescued over 200 girls and is sponsoring 170 girls to schools. After we rescue the girls, we give them full scholarships covering the cost of tuition, uniforms, books and transport. Three schools (in Kisumu, Eldoret, Kajiado and Nyahururu) have partnered with SGF to offer academic sponsorship for girls. During the holidays, many girls are unable to go home for fear of being ostracized or due to the nomadic nature of their culture and are housed in local temporary shelters by SGF. Upon assessing that the situation at home is calm for the girl, she and her family undergo a reconciliation programmer initiated by the SGF team.

After the acceptance of their child, the family and the girl become our agents of change in those communities. SGF also undertakes community outreach in partnership with local leaders to educate on the dangers of some of the cultural practices and the benefits of education for girls.

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