Created in 1997, the women’s association of Kabeela in Guilongou and Ziniaré, Burkina Faso, is a non-profit and apolitical Burkinabe organisation. Today it has around 60 members, essentially made up of women. Kabeela is active in 85 villages throughout the region of the Plateau Central, notably in the provinces of Ganzourgou, Kourweogo and Oubritenga. 

Kabeela aims to contribute to the social and economic promotion of the most vulnerable populations in rural areas, encouraging their active participation to transform their communities. They work with women, providing them with literacy teaching, professional training and income generating activities as well as raising awareness on women’s health. They hope that this will allow Kabeela’s members to self-promote themselves and their abilities. They work to achieve long-lasting development for communities containing the most marginalised and vulnerable populations, creating opportunities to help improve people’s living conditions. They have just recently been awarded a grant from The African Women's Development Fund to enagage in a campaign of awareness raising against FGM in our zone of intervention. To begin our programme of awareness raising, they have hosted two projections on the topic with the help of their partner Action Sociale, as well as the organisation of a football tournament where over 500 people attended and actively enagaged with the subject matter. 

Kabeela is an extremely influential driver of change; spreading the message to end FGM across Africa. 

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