Christian Partners Development Agency (CPDA)

Christian partners Development Agency is a non-profit organization that started as a relief organization, but later changed its mandate to governance and development programmes rather than relief, in order to come up with long term solutions to factors leading to poverty. CPDA’s vision is “empowered and connected communities” while its mission is “to promote democratic governance, gender equality and sustainable livelihoods for communities in Kenya and beyond through advocacy, partnerships and development programmes.”
Programmatic focus
Governance and Democracy Programme
  • Alternative Leadership Project;
  • Gender and Governance Project.
  • Civic and Voter Education project.
  • Girl’s rights and FGM project.
  • Youth Empowerment project.
  • Advocacy
Integrated Food Security for Sustainable Livelihood Programme.
  • Sustainable Agriculture;
  • Community Health, Water and Sanitation;
  • HIV&AIDS Mainstreaming
Institutional Development Programme
  • Institutional Strengthening
  • Monitoring and Evaluation.
Organisation categories: