Blossom Life Foundation

Blossom Life Foundation is a non-governmental organisation headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria, and a member of the NGO Community in Nigeria.

Blossom Life Foundation exists to make life very beautiful for vulnerable people of our society; especially young people, women and children; through its various empowerment programmes and enlightenment campaigns. This organisation is geared towards fostering good qualities of life in people in order for them to stay healthy, enjoy right to life and become responsible citizens and contributors to their various local communities and society at large.

The campaign against FGM and all forms of violence against women is an integral part of Blossom Life Foundation's humanitarian activities. Their campaign against the practice is to accelerate its abandonment. It is their belief that with collective efforts, partnership and collaboration with international community and several other stakeholders, we can witness the end of FGM in our generation.

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