The Global Youth Network is an inspirational hub for youth activists, each of them agents of positive change transforming the course of human history.

The Global Youth Network fosters youth ownership of the movement to end FGM and creates energy and momentum to achieve this goal in this generation.


Affiliated with The Girl Generation Global Youth Network are: 


We launched the Youth Anti-FGM Network Kenya in August 2016. We currently have 34 member partners who we have trained in social change communications. The network uses a WhatsApp group to keep the momentum up.

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The Youth Anti-FGM Network Nigeria was set up in Abuja in November 2015. We now have 56 members who are spread across the country.

As youth activists, we aim to change the narrative on FGM through social communications training, promotion of our youth ambassadors and social media activity.

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We launched the Youth Anti FGM Network in The Gambia in August 2016 and we have been targeting young people through schools and workplaces. We have also been calling on our Government to address gender-based violence as a national priority.

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