FGM ends with us.

FGM is human rights violation, and an extreme form of violence against women and girls that transcends cultural, religious, and economic boundaries.  It can result in a life time of physical, psychological and emotional suffering.

Did you know that 68 million girls are at risk of FGM by 2030? That’s one girl every 8 seconds. This campaign is about protecting these girls.

At least 200 million girls and women across 30 countries have already undergone FGM. The harmful practice remains nearly universal in some parts of the world, such as Somaliland and Egypt where 99% and 87% of women and girls have undergone the procedure respectively.

Whether it’s having a conversation about FGM with a group of friends, lobbying political leaders to address the issue, or sharing their support and commitment on social media - this campaign will encourage us all to do what we can to end this extreme form of violence against women and girls.

What will your commitment be?

By adding your voice and support to the one million conversations around the world to end FGM, you will play a truly historic role in seeing the end of FGM globally.

Be part of the action on social media - and share the campaign using the hashtags #ihavespoken and #endFGM. To make your commitment to end FGM, go to www.iwillendfgm.org to speak out and share your commitment with the world.

The message is clear: FGM ends with us.

Want more ideas to get involved?  Go to www.iwillendfgm.org to find out more.

Together we will #EndFGM.