Evelyn Njambi

End FGM Ambassador

What are your strengths?

As a beauty queen I have a platform to talk about issues that are important to me and my society. I am also able to raise awareness with fellow beauty queens from across the world, many of whom I met in Washington D.C late last year. All of us share the same spirit for championing causes that impact the lives of those in need. In addition to that, I am still in contact with the county Mr. (s) and Miss(es) across Kenya. These too have considerable followings and influence in the various counties – and I’m excited to help them become part of the movement to end FGM.

I am good at public speaking. I am eloquent and social. I also have a following of over 10,000 on Instagram - a platform many youths use to communicate by posting photos. I’d love to use this to raise awareness about FGM.

What would you say is your most significant contribution to ending FGM?

My most significant contribution to ending FGM is the day I was at the Miss World competition in Washington D.C, U.S.A. On this global stage I brought FGM to the attention of many and reached so many viewers across the world who tune into watch the Beauty Pageant every year. I am happy that so many people who weren’t aware , became aware of FGM. I think there were about 5 million viewers that night – so that is 5 million people who heard me talk about FGM.

What are some of the challenges you have faced while working towards ending FGM?

I have been able to visit several counties here in Kenya but I would love to reach even more parts of this country, and Africa at large, to speak to and mentor girls with the aim of abandoning FGM. I’m looking forward to working with The Girl Generation and their members to help me to do this.  

What are you excited about at the moment?

It would be great if we involved the Mr. (s) and Miss (es) in FGM hotspot counties in Kenya and work together with these youths to end FGM in our generation.


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