Esmael Omar

Programme Officer - Kenya

Esmael Omar is a Programme Officer in Kenya, where he contributes towards developing the social movement to end FGM and enabling the scaling up of social change communication. He also supports in-country capacity building; membership and partner engagement; and our partnerships and resource leveraging work.

He has tirelessly dedicated himself to working with Kenyan communities on sexuality, human rights, anti-FGM campaign, HIV/AIDS education and advocacy. 

Esmael’s family and community have been deeply affected by FGM. His vision of change is therefore at once universal and deeply personal. His commitment is rooted in his conviction that he is on this Earth to serve. In 2007, Esmael founded AFYAFRIKA, a small non-profit, youth-led and youth serving organisation that aims to improve health and self-sufficiency among underserved youth through health promotion, education, training, advocacy and research. 

He is a 2016 Community Solutions Program Fellow (Washington DC, USA), 2011 Jeanne Sauvé Fellow (Montreal, Canada), 2010 Sexuality Leadership Development Fellow (Lagos, Nigeria), 2010 Minority Fellow (Geneva, Switzerland) and 2009 MTV Staying Alive Foundation grantee (London, UK). Prior to joining The Girl Generation, Esmael was the Regional Focal Point for East Africa for the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS and Community Outreach Specialist for Diaspora Community Services in Brooklyn, New York. He has credits from George Mason University and currently completing a Bachelor’s Degree program in International Relations at the United States International University – Africa. 


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