Dr Negussie Teffera

Strategic Advisory Group

Dr Teffera is the Country Representative of the USA based Population Media Centre International. Dr Teffera is the author of several research papers and articles on aspects of media communication strategy for behaviour change communication. Since 2000 he has been responsible for the coordination of multi-media communication programmes. Dr. Negussie is author of the books “Communication for Social Development: An Overview and the Ethiopian Experience” and “The Ethiopian Media Profile”. He is also a co-author of an article in the book “Entertainment Education-and Social Change: History and Research and Practice”, by Everett M. Rogers, et al (2004).

Dr. Negussie Teffera won The 2011 African Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Communication Strategy for Social Development. The organisation Dr. Negussie heads, Population Media Center -Ethiopia, is also a winner of the 2011 Global Media Award for Excellence in Population Reporting in the category or Best Radio Serial Drama.