Training Youth to Accelerate Change

With training and greater contextual understanding of the FGM debate in their local community, the young people involved in Youth 4 Change in Sudan were able to promote social change. They've used creative methods and talked to different audiences to help spread the end FGM message.

Youth 4 Change are an initiative created by BBSAWS (Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women Studies) during their TGG funded project implementation. They seek to unleash the potential of young people to exact change. Their mission is to send young people into communities to influence and to promote social change. 

Supported by The Girl Generation, Youth 4 Change created a pool of young people armed with the necessary skills to end FGM in their communities. 

20 young people gathered in Khartoum to receive The Girl Generation’s trademark training on Social Change Communications. They learnt how to answer questions on FGM. How to involve the entire community in discussions. And how to consider innovative methods such as theatre and spoken word to promote their message.

They also gained a robust understanding of the legal, religious and social contexts for the end FGM campaign in Sudan. 

This taskforce of 20 then took to the streets to organise their own activities. Some of the youth held stand-alone dialogues – talking to 40 other young boys and girls at one time on how FGM is a social norm and how change could happen.

In total the youth held 14 independent dialogues with men, women and youth. These focused on the harmful effects of FGM on women.

Some of the youth taskforce used theatre as an innovative approach to end FGM. With an audience of over 100, the young people gave a short performance followed by community discussions about the narrative. 

With support from The Girl Generation, young people were equipped with the needed skills to create meaningful change in their communities.