Zero Tolerance Day 2018

6 February 2018

Today we celebrate the International Day of Zero Tolerance Day for FGM.

We stand with our members, partners and friends around the world to say that FGM can, and must, end in this generation.


The Girl Generation is the world’s largest collective of organisations working to end FGM. We now have over 700 members who are the hands and feet of the Africa-led movement. We are witnessing first-hand how communities are choosing to abandon the practice, how individuals are speaking out, sharing their stories and inspiring dialogue amongst their peers, and how real people are making a difference in their day-to-day lives.

Change is possible, and you, The Girl Generation, are leading that change.


Today we share the stories of #EndFGM Hidden Heroes who work tirelessly to raise awareness, influence decision-makers, provide evidence and deliver front line care and support to FGM survivors. Away from the public-eye, they are women committed to bringing about change in their communities and countries. 

Read our Hidden Heroes blog to learn about five amazing women from across Africa.

To mark Zero Tolernace Day our members and partners will be taking action to get people talking about FGM and why it must end.

Here’s a snapshot of what The Girl Generation is up to around the world this week:


  • In Somaliland, The Girl Generation members are raising awareness in their communities through events and community dialogues, sharing facts about FGM to spark discussion and dispel myths.
  • In Ethiopia, The Girl Generation is working with the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs to mark Zero Tolerance Day, to highlight the issue of FGM amongst policy-makers.
  • In Egypt, we are holding a public event for young people, together with the launch of a social media campaign to reach people across the country. Young people will write messages to their future daughters pledging not to cut them and they will be posted on social media.
  • In Kenya, we are working with the Anti-FGM Board to host a national end FGM conference. 
  • In The Gambia, we are running a social media campaign targeting youth with voices from across the movement, to inspire young people to support the end FGM campaign and celebrate those working on the issue.

And much, much more across the African continent, and beyond. 

Follow us on social media (@thegirlgen) throughout the week to be inspired by the work from across the movement. And be sure to share your events under the hashtag #endFGM.

What can you do?

  • Start a conversation. Change starts with you and me. Who can you talk to today about why FGM must end?


  • Use the #endFGM hashtag to speak out about what you are doing and tag @thegirlgen on social media to amplify your work.


  • Join us in telling the world that FGM must end. Here's a sample post and image you can share today: 
    • 200 million women & girls have undergone FGM. This harmful practice has no medical benefits and is a violation of human rights. #EndFGM #ZeroToleranceDay 
  • Share our new infographic to inspire conversation and discussion. 


We look forward to being inspired by your work.

Together, we can end FGM in this generation. 



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