Young Gambians changing minds on FGM

7 February 2017

By Jama Jack

Linguere partnered with The Girl Generation to commemorate the International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM on 6 February.

Together with members of The Girl Generation, we brought back the #RiseWithLinguere strategy, walking along Kairaba Avenue and speaking to people about FGM and why we should stop the practice.

We also handed out roses carrying advocacy messages, statistics ad quick facts on FGM.

The beauty in watching young Gambians unite for a common cause is unrivaled, and strengthens my belief that we are not just future leaders; we are leaders today.

My favourite moment was our engagement with the security official who had a thousand and one reasons why FGM should continue being practiced.

After over half our hour, our group was able to convince him using medical facts, personal survivor stories and visual material.

We engaged his colleagues too, and when we walked away, there was a lesson.

We can realise the change we seek when we labour with love.

Understanding comes from dialogue, and even when we don't agree, there's always a bigger gain in building bridges than there is in burning them.

Thanks to all the youth groups and individuals that came out yesterday.

The message was powerful.

Together, we can break the cycle and see an end to FGM in our generation.



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