Watch this space: upcoming launch of The Girl Generation End FGM Grants Programme

8 March 2016

Today, The Girl Generation joins the global community to champion gender parity in marking International Women’s Day. Ending FGM is one critical step in achieving that goal. The Girl Generation is, therefore, delighted to announce the upcoming launch of our End FGM Grants Programme.

Developed with generous support from the Human Dignity Foundation, the programme will provide much needed funding to poorly resourced grassroots organisations working to end FGM in our ten focal countries. 

Such organisations are powerful catalysts for change, whose work is essential to achieving transformative shifts in gender inequalities and redefining social norms. But to accelerate that change, funding needs to reach those organisations working at the community level. 

Given the challenges such organisations face in accessing funds, The Girl Generation End FGM Grants Programme will use a flexible, non-bureaucratic, rapid and responsive model that will enable them to access funds quickly, making make a significant contribution towards building the movement and ending FGM in one generation.

In anticipating the launch in late March 2016, Dr Faith Mwangi-Powell, Global Director of The Girl Generation, commented;

“I have met some really exceptional youth, men and women at the forefront of the movement to end FGM.  What they have in common is they are real people who care.  They want to act, do something, and change the lives of women and girls affected or at risk of FGM – they have and they continue to do so.  This grants programme will enable us to show them that we care, too.  I believe if we all care enough we can end FGM in one generation and contribute to the achievement of gender parity.”

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