Introducing our End FGM Ambassadors!

31 July 2017

Our Kenyan End FGM Ambassadors are a group of passionate activists who are committed to ending FGM in their generation – and have already stepped out of their comfort zone to bring about change in their communities and country. As End FGM Ambassadors they take the message of hope and change even further – working with The Girl Generation, and reaching out to those they work with and influence.

In the last few months they have been busy - from raising attention to the issue of FGM in their local communities, through social change communication training and community dialogues, to getting FGM on the agenda at international meetings and events. They are out there and getting attention.

Meet our Ambassadors

Want to know more about this brilliant group of activists? Want to learn from their experience?

You can find out more about each ambassador in a series of interviews and blogs we are posting this week. 

Agnes Seleyian Partoip is an end FGM activist from Narok country in Kenya. She is the Founder and Director of Murua Girl Child Education Program Narok, a community based organisation working to promote girls education and raise awareness to end FGM.

“As a survivor of FGM and as a mother of an eight-year-old girl, I am raising awareness about FGM so she grows up in an FGM free society. 

I hold onto the hope that my community is ready to change and it takes more awareness and education to make that change a reality.”

Read her story. Watch her interview.




Hassan Adan Mulata is the founder and CEO for Initiatives for Progressive Change (IfPC), a community based organisation in Marsabit, Kenya and also Marsabit County Chair for the National Youth Council.

I once met a young girl of about sixteen years old who was married to a much older man after dropping out of school in Standard Four. I had to ask why she had got married instead of going to school and her answer was simple - that at the age of 13 or thereabout, she was considered old enough to transit to womanhood, which meant she was subjected to FGM to be married off. This really disturbed me…

Find out what Mulata did next in the full interview. 






Peter Macharia Karanja works on FGM programmes at the YWCA in Kenya. All his life he has tried to support young people to make the right choices.

“Many people find it hard to see a man to champion for the girl agenda. I am always asked the question, why do it? As a ‘HeforShe’, I want to play my part in supporting girls' equality and empowerment – and I want to use my position to bring young men and boys on board.”

What gets Macharia out of bed in the morning? 

Read his interview. Watch his interview.





Evelyn Njambi is currently Miss World Africa, and is committed to using her position to raise awareness about ending FGM.

On this global stage I brought FGM to the attention of many and reached so many viewers across the world. I am happy that so many people who weren’t aware, became aware of FGM.”

What will she do next? Read her interview to find out. 






Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan is passionate about football  and social change. She is currently a global champion for Gender Equality for the Sustainable Development Goals. 

"I still strongly believe no one else can force a community to change their way of life; not even legislation. Instead we need to take one step at a time to get the information out in local languages that our communities understand and slowly build consensus to end FGM.”

Find out more of Fatuma’s story in her interview. 

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