The Girl Generation - October 2017 Newsletter

26 October 2017

We are very excited to share our newsletter with you this month. In this issue, we bring stories of change and activism from across the movement and share more about how change is happening in Burkino Faso, Nigeria, Somaliland, and Senegal.

You’ll read more about the innovative and inspiring work of our grantees and members, from an FGM workshop for boys in Kenya, to a drama production in Nigeria. You’ll find out how community dialogues are changing hearts and minds on FGM. We hope you’ll be inspired by these stories and join our movement bringing grassroots campaigns to a global stage.

In July we held our Social Change Communication training for activists and NGOs in Somaliland, and we recently finished another training in Ethiopia. These trainings are great opportunities for end FGM networks and individuals to learn from one another and strengthen their partnerships.

Finally, we celebrated International Youth Day on 12 August. The youth are the heart and soul of The Girl Generation and they bring passion and energy to this movement. Find out what happened across Africa and the world and how young people are speaking out about issues that matter to them.

Happy reading!

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