The ‘I Will End FGM’ campaign unites the end FGM youth movement in Africa

16 November 2018

In July 2018, The Girl Generation, together with their pan-African members, launched the ‘I Will End FGM’ campaign.

Co-created with youth campaigners, the campaign creative idea centred on the insight that in order to end FGM in one generation, we need to break societal taboos and start talking about FGM. 

The campaign has provided a platform for youth voices.

To date, it has reached over 18 million people across the African continent. Thousands of young people made and shared an ‘I Will End FGM’ video pledge via social media. National and international publications such as allAfrica, The Guardian (Nigeria), The Daily Nation (Kenya) and Thomson Reuters publicised youth voices. 4 new Anti-FGM networks were launched connecting young campaigners across entire countries.  

These voices have been heard through to the campaign.  

The ‘I Will End FGM’ campaign trended on BBC Nigeria. High profile influencers such as Ethiopian athletics legend Haile Gebrselassie and Tunisian actress Hend Sabry added their voices. Open letters were delivered by young people to policy makers in 2 countries. African policy makers made commitments at a seminal youth session during the Burkina Faso conference on FGM.

It has been amazing to see how young people in different countries have made the campaign their own. The Girl Generation Egypt started the ‘Promise Her’ campaign that asks young people to make a promise to the next generation of girls. In Kenya, over 200 youth met at a youth convening to make their commitments. In Somaliland, Anti-FGM chair Dr Mariam Dahir took to the sound waves – being interviewed by BBC Somaliland. 

The campaign has shown that young people continue to be a driving force in the movement to end FGM. They are standing up, speaking up to create a future that they want to be a part of. They give hope of an Africa free from FGM.

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