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Serina's story

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Serina, 13, was only 10 when she said no to FGM and now aspires to be a pilot.

Doris, 13, is part of the generation to end FGM. "A girl can achieve anything when she simply has a chance."

Jane, 13, refused FGM and now dreams of becoming a doctor.

Jane, Serina and Doris...

Kakenya's Dream Enoosaen: A Beacon of Hope

Blog post

By Kakenya Ntaiya

When I was just 5 years old, my parents announced my engagement to my 6-...

Free Falling in Samburu: The journey to a safehouse

Blog post

By Newsha Tavakolian

On a hilltop near Maralal in northern Kenya, in an empty hut, 11-year-old Eunice sat on her muddy bed covered with cow hide. The only...


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