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End FGM grant funds health fair in the Gambia

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Earlier this month, our grants programme funded local NGO Your Change For a Change to hold a reproductive health fair in the town of Soma....

What do you do when a cultural practice proves harmful? 1200 girls celebrate womanhood in mass Alternative Rite of Passage ceremony

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Loitokktok, Kenya, 28 th August 2015

Known as fierce warriors, the Masai and Samburu are a people who are continually trying to preserve their traditional or cultural heritage, in an increasingly changing world. Such heritage is underscored by various practices - one of which includes...

Serina's story

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Serina, 13, was only 10 when she said no to FGM and now aspires to be a pilot.

Doris, 13, is part of the generation to end FGM. "A girl can achieve anything when she simply has a chance."

Jane, 13, refused FGM and now dreams of becoming a doctor.

Jane, Serina and Doris...

Kakenya's Dream Enoosaen: A Beacon of Hope

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By Kakenya Ntaiya

When I was just 5 years old, my parents announced my engagement to my 6-...

Kids Come First Foundation’s activism to end FGM

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Bakary Seedy Damph (Buba) founded and runs Kids Come First Foundation.

It is a community based advocacy group that offers support and empowers children irrespective of their backgrounds. The foundation addresses issues like FGM and child marriage. It provides affected children and their...

Zero Tolerance Day 2016 - international and local efforts coincide to end FGM

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Today, 6 February, is the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), a practice that affects more than 200 million women and girls worldwide, according to new UNICEF statistics.

FGM is internationally recognised as a human rights violation and a form of...

16 Days– Activists around the world come together to end violence against women and girls

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The 16 Days of Activism is an international movement led by the UN that takes place between 25 November to 10 December every year.

This 16 Days, campaigns to end FGM and all forms of violence against women took off across the African continent and beyond.

This year, the theme was...


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