Africa’s youth kick-start a million conversations to end FGM.

Young people are speaking out to end FGM, will you join them?

On July 23rd, young people across Africa launched the ‘I will end FGM’ campaign to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by sparking one million conversations to break the silence that allows the practice to continue.

As the largest African generation ever, young people across Africa and the rest of the world are raising their voices and making a stand to end FGM. They are pledging to make theirs the generation that ends FGM and they are inviting anyone to do the same. They are asking their friends, their peers, their communities and their leaders to join them in speaking out about FGM.

The young African advocates are posting videos on social media to speak out against FGM and are inspiring others to show their support by also making a pledge to end FGM. The videos, which are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #ihavespoken and #EndFGM, seek to break the silence that surrounds the issue.

Join them on social media and share, like and post using the hashtags. Be part of the action by making your commitment to end FGM. Visit to see young people speaking out.

"I am proud to play my part in the global movement to end FGM. By speaking out, we have a huge opportunity to break the taboos that surround FGM and help others better understand the issue. By talking about FGM, we will ensure that future generations do not carry out the practice.” - Moussa Drame, Seneglese activist and journalist.

In May 2018, The Girl Generation hosted the first ever pan-African Youth Summit to end FGM in Nairobi, Kenya, bringing together over 100 young activists from 17 countries to devise a campaign to end FGM in a generation.  At the Summit, activists spoke about the culture of silence around FGM which allows it to prevail and people’s reluctance to speak about the practice means that laws alone won’t end it. To end FGM we must make our voices heard.

The Girl Generation are proud to support them to deliver a truly transformative effort.

“These young people are taking action by shattering the silence that surrounds FGM. By inviting and inspiring others to join the movement, they take a giant leap forward towards creating a world that is safer for our girls” - Dr. Faith Mwangi-Powell.