We are our members and partners

Through the power of our strong membership base of nearly 400 grassroots groups, youth, community leaders, the media and government, we can change the course of history for the next generation of women and girls, in Africa and beyond.

The End FGM movement is at different stages across Africa.

In some countries there is enthusiastic civil society leadership, effective policies and committed political will.

In other countries, the movement faces a lack of political leadership, high levels of public support for FGM or a civil society only in the early stages of campaigning.

Join us

Join The Girl Generation and be part of a critical mass working for a united cause. By working together, we will collectively increase the visibility and effectiveness of the global movement to end FGM.

By joining The Girl Generation you receive tangible and intangible benefits, including:  

  • A greater understanding of and ability to develop social change communications, including tools and resources to support this
  • Access to capacity-building opportunities on social change communications
  • Increased visibility and profile for your work and voices on a global platform, including media connections and profiling of your work on The Girl Generation’s communications platforms
  • A clear, shared vision and identity within The Girl Generation brand
  • Inspiring, hopeful messaging and  communications products for you to use in  your work
  • Enhanced access to networks, connections,  and spaces for dialogue on ending FGM
  • Signposting to support advocacy and fundraising efforts, as part of our resource-leveraging mandate
  • The knowledge that by working together, all of our voices are stronger both on the global stage, and in the communities where change must happen
  • Increasing legitimacy and credibility, and a sense of belonging and courage, as a result of being part of an Africa-led, global movement
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer support and learning with others in the movement 

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